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Who we are?

We are STORYTELLERS. We believe that wedding photography should be about telling stories - big, small and anywhere between. Through our pictures we want to tell the story of something much bigger than your wedding day - we want to show the celebration of your love, your family, your friends and how awesome it is that you two are making life-long vows.

What is our style of photography?

Our style of wedding photography is about blending photojournalism and fine-art photography. On the wedding day we want to be both - a reporter and an artist, whose goal is to capture all intimate moments as they unfold without being forced or too contrived. Great wedding photography for us is when the unobtrusiveness of documentary photography combines with the challenge of creating art.

The next step

We want all of our clients to truly care about their wedding photography, so please have a look at our BLOG {our latest full weddings} and our PORTFOLIO {our fav work} and see what we are all about.





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