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Capturing Love: Toronto's Top Wedding Photographer & Photography ServicesCapturing Love: Toronto's Top Wedding Photographer & Photography Services
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Average Cost of Wedding Photography in Toronto

So what do you think is the average price of professional wedding photographer in Toronto? Every year we contact different local wedding photography studios to calculate a typical Toronto wedding photographer prices. This year we’ve contacted Top 20 wedding photography studios and calculated the average price (median) to be just over $3500, excluding HST taxes.

Here are some factors the determine the average cost of wedding photography in Toronto market – length of coverage, number of professional photographers, printed products, additional services and expenses. Additionally brand recognition and aggressive marketing efforts will also influence the fee a professional wedding photographer might charge for services.

Let’s start with the lengths of wedding photography coverage. This is a major reason why some packages cost more and some less. The more hours a photographer has to spend at an event the more he/she will charge for their services. We found out that newlywed couples usually require 10 hours of wedding photo coverage. Some photographers offer extended or full day flat rate fee coverage, which sometimes offer better value as oppose to buying the cheapest package and then extending the coverage on the wedding day.

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Another big element of the cost of wedding photography is the number of wedding photographers that will cover the wedding. Usually photography studios start their price list with at least one photographer and charge more for multiple photographers. From our experience it is a good investment and insurance policy to have at least two photographers at the wedding day. You will get better coverage and peace of mind for a small additional fee. On average an additional wedding photographer in Toronto market cost from $500 to $800 per day.

The next component of wedding photography cost are printed products. Some photographer include in the cost of photography package things like prints, guestbooks or albums. These can have major impact on the price. Our average cost of a quality wedding album range from $500 to $1000+. Sometimes it pays to negotiate the prices of these addons upfront rather than order them after the wedding day. If a photographer includes “reproduction rights” with the package it is possible to DIY some of the products, however the hassle and quality might not be worth the effort.

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Additional photography services can be included the cost the package. Some studios offer rehearsal dinner coverage or prewedding photo shoots (Engagement Photography). If your wedding is a destination wedding photographers will charge for transportation, accommodations and other expenses like local work permit or car rental. Event some local photographers in Toronto charge travel fees.

Some other components that inflate the average cost of wedding photography in Toronto would be the brand name recognition of the studio. The more experienced and more popular photographers will charge more for their services. The demand has direct impact on prices.

Different local photography studios market very aggressively through expensive bridal shows or bridal magazine ads, which in turn make their wedding photography packages more expensive or even overpriced.

If you have any additional questions about wedding photography prices, please contact us directly.