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Toronto Pre Wedding PhotographyToronto Pre Wedding Photography

So what is a pre wedding photo shoot? What is the importance of pre wedding photo shoots? We get this questions very often when we meet our future clients for the first time. In few words it is a photo shoot that takes place before your wedding day and it’s done with your wedding photographer.

In our local Toronto market it is also called engagement session or engagement photo shoot but the idea behind any kind of pre wedding photography is the same, basically it’s a great way to get some practice in front of the professional camera before your wedding day.

A pre wedding photo shoot can be also a great opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer, build a rapport and develop mutual trust. From our experience of shooting weddings and engagements photo shots for the last 10 years, you will feel more comfortable on your wedding day, which in turn produces better wedding photographs.

There is also one variation of pre wedding photo shoots, where the couple will wear their wedding attire such as wedding gown and wedding tux. It is less popular here in North America but we had clients from Europe or Asia that wanted this kind of photo shoot before their wedding day.

What makes great pre wedding photography?

We believe that a great pre wedding photo shoot should be about telling the story of the wedding couple. We think that the engagement pictures should show their personalities, how their story began and where they going as a couple. We want to show the emotions and how romantic they are with each other.

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Why is pre wedding photography important?