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So Should You Have a Wedding First Look?

Hi everyone. In today’s blog post we are talking about whether or not you should have a first look in your wedding photos. So what is a first look? Basically as we call it our wedding industry, it is a private moment when a bride and her groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day.

I don’t ever want to push this decision on my couples, so what I do for them and what I’m going to do for you, is provides some pros and some cons of having a first look. Then you can make an informed decision with your fiancé weather to have it or not.

Let’s jump right in the best pro of having a first look.

It has got to be that by seeing each other before the wedding ceremony, and you can get all of those formal photos out of the way and then enjoy nearly all or at least a lot more of your wedding cocktail hour. Once your formal wedding photos are done you can spend that time mingling with your wedding guests and enjoy the festivities.

The next reason is that a lot of people get really nervous before wedding ceremonies and they find that just by seeing their significant other their nerves are very much calmed, which is fantastic.

Now another reason why it’s great idea to have a first look is that it is a really private moment. And some people would rather have that moment private between the two of them, instead of having it in front of all of their wedding ceremony guests.

And finally I think when you do all your wedding photos before the ceremony you have more time to be more creative with you wedding photos. You don’t have to rush to get back to your wedding ceremony; you can relax and have more fun time in front of camera with your spouse to be.


I know that’s a very personal decision, and if those benefits of a first look really resonating with you, then you might consider doing a first look for your wedding day.

Now if you’re not really decided on doing a first look, you might want to think about the cons of it as well. I would say that the top issue, that I hear couples having with this idea, is that they’re just really traditional and they want to see each other down the aisle. Or they’re afraid that the feeling will be not so special down the aisle because they’ve already seen each other.

That’s definitely a really concern to consider. If you find that your moment might mean a lot more to you if you haven’t seen each other, then I would suggest not doing a first look.

Now another reason not to have a first look is that you will have to start your day earlier in order to the timing of that first look. Your hair and wedding makeup is going to start earlier. You getting ready time will shift and it might influence planning of the whole wedding day.

If you’re not a morning person or you’re worried that your hair and makeup might not last all day because it’s a really hot day, or it’s muggy or it’s rainy, then maybe don’t do a first look now. If you are kind of still on the fence or even if you’ve decided, a great alternative to a first look is actually a father-daughter first look.


I personally love those and I think they’re adorable. I suggest them in almost every single wedding. Another idea that you could do would be a bridesmaid first look. You could come out with your dress on, everything completely done and your bridesmaids can open their eyes and see you for the first time fully deck out.

It’s just a really cute moment especially if you’re very close with your bridesmaids. The expressions, the laughter and happiness make great wedding photos from these candid moments.

I hope all of this information has helped you a little bit to make your decision about the first look. I don’t think it’s ever photographers place to push one way or the other, so you’ve got to just sit down with your fiancé, and decide what works best for you.

I will say that from a professional wedding photographer opinion I do think a first look is a great idea because it just makes the whole wedding day, especially the timeline, easier and more enjoyable for the couple and the wedding guests.

Should You Have a Wedding First Look