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How To Pick Wedding Photographer

There are hundreds Toronto wedding photographers in our area and selecting the right one for your big day can be overwhelming and stressful task, so we’ve decided to write a short article with some tips how to make this process easier and trouble-free.

Step 1.

We believe that the best way to start looking for a wedding photographer is to talk to your friends and family and ask for referrals, wedding photography experiences and recommendations. Remember a word-of-mouth goes a long way!

Step 2.

The next step involves going on the Internet and figuring out what kind of wedding photography do you like? There are hundreds of wedding photographers in our Toronto area and everyone offer different and unique style of photography. Make notes if something jumps at you. Once you narrow down you list you can start following their wedding photography blog or fan Facebook page, and get a better feel for their wedding photography style and personality.

Step 3.

Once you narrowed down your selection you can start contacting the photographers and setting up consultations. At this point you should be prepared to ask some qualifying questions. Here is a list what you should be asking: Is the photographer full time or part-time photographer? How many wedding does she/he shoot every year? What kind of equipment and backup equipment do they use? How long does it take to get the wedding pictures back? Who owns the pictures? Are there any extra fees associated with printing wedding pictures? Is there a backup photographer in case the contracted photographer is sick? Ask for a list of recent references with email address and check them out personally. You should also ask for the copy of their contract and ready it carefully. Remember there are no stupid questions so don’t be afraid to ask many questions and don’t assume anything.

Step 4.

After asking all these important questions you have to evaluate the photographer in terms of his/her personality. You are going to spend one of the most important days of your life with this person so make sure you have the right chemistry between each other, and you feel comfortable together. If you feel a slight unease or awkwardness you should reconsider your choice.

Step 5.

Now let’s talk about the wedding photography packages. In our market most of the Toronto wedding photographers offer two choices – you can select a wedding package that includes many different service and products bundled together, or you can use a la carte option and configure your own wedding photography package. We believe that using a la carte price list gives you more options and delivers better value for you money, because you are only buying what you need.

Step 6.

The last step in this process is to be prepared to make a commitment. At this stage, if you’ve taken the time to ask all important questions, you like the photographer’s portfolio and you feel comfortable with this person, you shouldn’t be afraid to go ahead with the booking. We know brides that would go through hundreds of wedding photography websites and countless meetings and would still be hesitant about making a commitment. If you feel good about the photographer then make the commitment and be proud of yourself that you made this right decision.