Building A Wedding Guest ListWedding Article

12 simple tips on guest's wedding etiquette

What matters most is that the people you love and value are there with you on your day. So as
you start off at Tip 1 by building your guest list, keep this in mind. The names you write create the entire foundation of your wedding plans, since size affects your location and budget.

When you’re building your initial working guest list, and incorporating all of your parents and future in-laws wished-for guests into your master list, the grand total can make your head spin. If you do find yourselves in a position where you simply cannot invite everyone, but wish to cut the list down to the absolute essentials, you can avoid some of the diplomacy headaches by categorizing your list in tiers. By this, I mean that your closest family and friends would be Tier 1, second cousins and their families might be Tier 2, distant friends and relatives you haven’t seen in a long time might be Tier 3. And with that classification system set, it might be easier to chop names from your list by just removing all Tier 5 people, for instance.