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People Ask – Toronto Wedding Photographer Answers

Every year we get requests for more information about our services, what we do and how we do it. We’ve decided to put together this little page with some frequently asked questions and answers.

How Much Is A Wedding Photographer in Toronto?

I think this is the most asked question in our industry. There is no simple answers since every wedding photography package can be different but we can provide some statistics here. Let say a typical wedding day coverage by a professional wedding photographer here in Toronto is about 10 hours, so you can expect to pay from $3000 to $7000 depending on the studio .

This price usually includes coverage by one wedding photographer, editing of your wedding pictures and digital delivery of the wedding photos. Also wedding studios have to charge a tax, which is 13% in addition to their professional fees.

There is a multitude of options that can increase the price of a wedding photography package and here are some typical upgrades. Many clients looking for a pre-wedding or engagement photo-shoot and these can range from $500 to $800 per session.

We also recommend to get a second wedding photographer if a wedding has more than 300 guests. This option can range from $500 to $800.

Another popular options is a Photo Booth for your wedding reception. This fun option can range from $500 to $800 for a 2-3 hours package.

Many wedding photographer offer different printed options such a wedding albums, guest books, professional prints, enlargements and thank-you cards. These items can be included upfront with the wedding photography package, and usually are offered at some discount.


Who Is The Best Wedding Photographer In Toronto?

Another great question and there is no easy answer. For some one particular brand is better than the other one – it’s all personal. There are many wedding professional associations such as Fearless Photographers or ISPWP, which run yearly competitions and crown photographers with The Best titles. So if you win an award for a picture does it mean that you are better than the other photographers… maybe … maybe not.

On the other hand we know many amazing artist who never enter this type of competitions and they are best of the best craftsman that we know.

There are many industry related blogs and magazines that rank wedding photographers but again it is all very subjective, and we always advise everyone to take these with a gigantic grain of salt.

Where Can I Take Wedding Pictures In Toronto?

Toronto is an amazing place offer some of the best locations for wedding photography. Here is a short list of our favorite places and locations in particular order:

Adamson’s Estate
Distillery District
Graffiti Alley
Scarborough Bluffs
High Park
Evergreen Brickworks
University of Toronto
Cherry Beach
Osgoode Hall
Casa Loma
Kensington Market Area
Polson Pier



How Much Does A Wedding Cost In Toronto?

This figure will depend on many things but from our own experience we can average the cost of a typical wedding with 150 wedding guests around $50,000. It includes all costs such as wedding reception, ceremony, transportation, decor, photography and wedding attire.

How Many Photographers Are Needed For A Wedding?

We always recommend to have two wedding photographers but it all depends on the logistics and your wedding budget. If you are having a smaller wedding with less than 150 guests, or a shorter wedding, a second photographer is optional.

Why Do Photographers Wear Black?

We try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Wearing black allows us to blend in and to document the wedding as it unfolds without bringing any attention to us. It is also a formal event so we try be proper and presentable.

Who Pays For A Photographer At A Wedding?

These days most of our clients pay for the wedding photographer themselves. Sometimes the parent cover the cost of wedding photography. Traditionally it was the bride’s side of family who were responsible for covering all cost associated with the wedding but times have changed and there are no rules anymore.

Who Pays For Wedding Rings?

Typically the wedding couple pay for the rings themselves.


How Much Does A DJ Cost For A Wedding?

In Toronto area we see most of the professional DJ companies charge around $1000.

How Do You Plan Your Wedding On  A Budget?

Here are some tips that we can offer how to plan your wedding on a budget.

    1. Look for a non-typical place to host your wedding. We recommend backyard wedding or small restaurant or hipster pub.
    2. Don’t go crazy with inviting everyone you know to your wedding. Keep your guest list to minimum.
    3. Don’t spend a fortune on your flowers. Wedding flowers can be very expensive. Keep it simple but elegant.
    4. Make your own wedding invitations or use online invitations.
    5. Forget about gifts for your wedding party. A simple Thank you note will do.
    6. Don’t hire a DJ just use a playlist or DJ app.
    7. Find out if you can supply your own alcohol.
    8. Rent your wedding decorations.
    9. Rent your wedding tuxedos as a group.
    10. Hire a wedding planner that can offer tips and experience.


We hope our “People Ask – Toronto Wedding Photographer Answers” provides some help in your wedding planning process. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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