Why Is an Engagement Photoshoot Important?Tips to heaving a successful e-shoot

Fall Engagement Photography by Toronto Top Wedding Photographer Avangard Photography
You’ve done your homework. You booked your wedding venue. You found an amazing wedding photographer. So what comes next? If you were to ask us we would suggest an engagement session.

Having an engagement session is very important because it is the best way to get to know your wedding photographer and have some practice in front of the professional camera. A little planning goes a long way to ensure that your e-session goes as smoothly as possible and that the images are as fantastic as they can be!

One of the first things you should think about is the photo location. Think about the places that are  very special to you as a couple, places you love to go or do something together. It could be a place of special interest or even the future theme of your wedding. Consider looking for locations that are full of color, texture and interesting backgrounds.

Trillium Park Toronto Engagement Photography by Top Toronto Wedding Photographer Avangard Photography

Look for walls and landscapes in unusual colors or patterns. Check out old brick or rock buildings that might make a great textural backdrop for your pictures. These two elements will make for stellar backgrounds and unique images!

Clothing is also a very important element of your e-session. Here are some general rules:

• Keep your look simple. We want to focus on your beauty, not your clothes.
• Wear clothing that reflects you and make sure it’s clothing that you like to wear.
• Pants, slacks, or skirts should be darker than your top.
• Clothing should match the season.
• BOLD, solid colors are preferred.
• Stay away from stripes, plaids, checks, as those draw attention away from your face.
• Stay away from pale or pastels unless they highlight your skin tone.
• Fair haired, light skinned people will look washed out with light colors.
• Bring a couple of shirts or blouses, sweaters, or jackets.
• Bring accessories such as hats, jewelry, scarfs etc.
• Pick out colors that complement your skin tone. If you aren’t sure, ask your mom.
• Colors should complement each other.
• Above all, think BOLD colors. (No neon colors though)

Consider having your hair and make-up professionally done if possible. The engagement shoot may also be an opportunity for your wedding day hair and makeup test. Remember, this kind of portrait session hopefully only happens once in a lifetime, so it’s worth spending a little extra time and money to make sure that these portraits are ones that you are proud of.

If you are planning to do your own make up, please read this article – Long Lasting Wedding Make Up On Your Wedding Day

Lastly, the most important key to having a successful engagement session is to be yourself. For many people it can be a little tough to relax in front of the camera, but remember you are there getting to spend time with the one you love, so have fun!

Do things that you normally do with them. If you usually hold hands, go ahead and do it! If you always sit in his lap, what a cute image! If you normally kiss her on the cheek, it will be a great memory captured forever. If you love to dance, go for it! Being yourselves together will help you be more comfortable and you will have images that help you re-live those small sweet moments of your love.