100 Tips for Great Wedding Photography – Part IWedding Article

Wedding Photo by Toronto Wedding Photograhper

Every week we get requests from beginner wedding photographers asking if they could work with us or how could they improve their wedding photography skills. Here in Toronto there are many great wedding photographers and we had a pleasure to work with some of them. Over the years we’ve learn a lot of tips and tricks of wedding photography profession, and we’ve decide to share some of this knowledge here on our blog.

Tip 1. Avoid creating any sorts of “shot lists” (with exception of Tip #2) for your wedding photography coverage. This is one of the biggest mistakes done by amateur photographers. You have to remember that every couple is different. Just because one pose works for one couple it doesn’t mean it will for another couple. You have to be prepared to capture the wedding day in a way it reflects couple’s personality and emotions. Don’t limit yourself by shot lists or preconceiving pictures – it will restrict your creativity and shorten your wedding photography career.

Tip 2. In order get the group shots done quickly and efficiently you need a list of all groups of people that have to be photographed. You will also need a guide in charge of this list to id and move people to the shot.

Tip 3. Look for an interesting location for the bridal party and couple pictures. Your clients can suggest a location but maybe you can find something more original than a typical park shoot? Remember you are getting paid for your creativity and resourcefulness.

Tip 4. Prepare for the worst. I’m talking about malfunctioning your camera or flash during the ceremony or a freaky weather with hail and torrential downpour. Have a backup of you main gear close by and I mean not in your car! Have backup location for your main couple shoot. Last but not least – have a backup of the main photographer – It’s YOU! Think what would happen if you got ill or were unable to shoot the gig?

Tip 5. Work with a second backup photographer. This photography advice will quickly help you separate from other beginner photographers and improve the quality of your work. Not only it means more wedding photography coverage for the couple but it also allows for friendly competition, which can only result with more creative and fun pictures.

To be continued ….

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