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25 Most Commonly FORGOTTEN Wedding Details on Your Wedding Day

With a million things to remember, some things are bound to slip through the cracks. We have a list of the 25 most commonly forgotten details on your wedding day.

1. Bring plenty of ice.

If you are putting together a DIY bar or if your bartenders don’t provide it for you, or your wedding venue doesn’t provide it you will need a ton of ice. A good rule of thumb for ice would be one pound of ice per person. And if you’re having an outdoor summer wedding you may need to increase that to one and a half pounds per person because obviously ice melts a lot faster when it’s hot.

2. Make a bustle video.

Bustling your wedding dress takes a long time so even if you have your maid of honor or your mom or someone else present at the dress fitting and they learn how to do it, having a video on hand is extremely helpful. In case we can’t find your maid of honor or your mom or they forget how to do it this video show anyone helping you on your wedding day to bustle correctly your wedding dress.

3. Don’t forget to feed yourself.

Remember your wedding day will be long and very busy. You may not have time to eat until late afternoon when your wedding reception starts. The last thing you want to do is pass out at the altar. Make sure your bridal party has enough food too.

4. Bring flats.

Having comfortable shoes on your wedding day is a must. Your feet will thank you for it.

5. Have an emergency wedding kit.

A lot of people are pretty good at putting this together but you do need to sit down and come up with all the items that you need. Makeup for touch-ups, safety pins etc. I’m not going to even continue to list items off. I actually did a “What’s in my bag” video recently with all the stuff in my emergency kit and I recommend to watch it. Have an emergency kit prepared for your wedding day and assign someone to be in charge of it so they know where it is at all times.


6. Have an overnight bag.

Make sure your overnight bag is prepared with all your items. Have it in your getaway vehicle or event better send it directly to your hotel room. That way you don’t have to worry about grabbing it before you do your grand exit.

7. Don’t forget cash and ID cards.

I recently heard a story where a wedding couple was not allowed to go into their honeymoon suite because the groom didn’t have his ID on him. They got turned away at 2:00 and they couldn’t go into their hotel room because he didn’t have his identification on him. I can understand that hotel’s perspective they can’t just let anybody into a room so make sure you have identification ready.

8. Wedding vendor tips.

If you are doing tips I highly recommend that you do, have them in envelopes with the name of each wedding company on the front of the envelope and give that to a designated person to pass them out. You have that plan out ahead of time so you’re not scrambling last-minute try to find all of the money or some cash for your tips.

9. Drink plenty of water.

Hydrate yourself; in fact start hydrating a few days beforehand. It helps your skin to be clearer and more refreshed and you will be able to handle the marathon that is your wonderful wedding day. Sure if you’re wearing a big elaborate wedding dress it may make it a little bit harder to go the bathroom but you’d rather be hydrated and have an amazing wedding day with some amazing wedding pictures to prove it.

10. Late night transportation.

Many people forget about transportation and that’s not just when you leave your wedding reception in some sort of grand vehicle. It also means some form of transport how to get to your getting ready location. You need to figure that out beforehand. Luckily we have Uber and Lyft, those can be called on last-minute just in case you do forget but I do recommend that you have some sort of transportation schedule or vehicle worked out so you’re not stranded in your wedding dress.


11. Reserved seating.

Make signs for your family and VIPs at the ceremony. Luckily we don’t run into this too often where people take the first two rows but every once in a while there’s that one random person, who’s clearly never been to a wedding in their entire life, and they sit in the second row or in the front row thinking that that’s the spot for them. Invest in some nice reserved signs to make sure those aisles are clearly marked and no one sits in them.

12. Have a wrangler for your wedding pictures.

Designate one person from the bride side of the family and one person from the groom’s side of the family to make sure all of family photos happen without a hitch. Your wedding photographer is there to capture and document the moments – they’re not necessarily there to find people and scream at everyone to get in or out of the wedding photo. It makes the process a lot easier to have someone who knows people by their names helping photographers do their job, which means you get to the party sooner.

13. Wedding vendor over times.

It’s always a good idea to have a clear event end time however every once in a while if there is a requirement for wedding vendors to stay late, as it happens with quite often with wedding photographers. Make sure you know what that overtime charge is before the wedding day; otherwise you might get spanked with a $700 fee that you were not anticipated.

14. Vendors meals.

Coming from someone who will be at your event for 10 plus hours, please do not forget vendor meals for all your hard working little helpers. Most vendors have this within their contract if they require to be fed but make sure your caterer knows that’s not just your guest count that needs to be fed but the additional vendors as well.

15. Music selection with a professional DJ.

This is much less of a concern because they’re pretty good about asking all the questions but in case you’re DIY your music or you’ve pushed everything to the last minute that could be very stressful. Make sure you have a preapproved playlist so there are no surprises. If you have a DJ make sure everyone is on the same page so noone is running up to you and being like hey when do you want to do the bouquet toss?

You’ve got plenty of time so start making a playlist on Spotify or on Apple music. Select out all of the songs that you want to be played for the important moments like father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, first dance, processional, recessional and so on. Having those all organized ahead of time it means that you’re not getting bugged on your wedding day and just enjoying it.


16. Your marriage license.

You need to carve out time to sign it and you need to make sure someone is in charge of handling that. It’s a legally binding document and it’s very important to find someone that you trust to make sure that it is in safe hands.

17. Wedding gifts wrangler.

If you do get a bunch of wedding gifts you need a car for them to go home. And if you’re leaving in an Uber or in a hired car then you don’t necessarily want to take all the gifts with you to the hotel or to wherever you’re staying. You have to figure out what you’re going do with all the gifts before you leave. Have someone who’s in charge of taking those gifts like your parents or some other trusted people.

18. Wedding cake topper, cake server, cake knife and champagne toasting glasses.

If you have any desire to have those things makes sure you either provide them or ask the venue to do it for you. If you provide your own make sure they are packed up and ready to go to the venue and that your coordinator or planner knows where they are so they can set them out and be ready for cake cutting time.

19. Guestbook pens.

Don’t know why but guestbook pens get forgotten all the time. If you want a special pen, if you need something that writes on a specific kind of paper or plastic or a piece of wood, you need to have pens for that and plenty of them so your weddings guests don’t have to share.

20. A list of personal or DIY items.

If you are bringing table numbers, escort cards any sort of signage you’ve created yourself or someone has created for you but you’re in charge of bringing to the wedding. There needs to be a list of those items so your wedding planner will go through those items and make sure they are placed exactly where you’ve asked them to be placed. You can also create a tear-down sheet to make sure that you gather all of those things and put them in the same vehicle that the gifts are going home.


21. Have a tear-down plan.

If you are DIY a lot of you wedding reception create a tear down list. Read over your contracts very carefully make sure you have someone to bus the tables to pick up trash to gather all of your belongings. Make sure everyone know who’s responsible for cleanup, for to taking down any string lights that you’ve hung up to remove florals from arbors. Make sure your tear-down crew knows what they’re doing.

22. Eyelash glue.

I personally just found this out recently but eyelash glue is water-soluble so if you start crying and those little spider legs start popping off your eyeball you’re going to look real wreck. You could potentially lose your lashes and if that’s an important part of your wedding look you want to make sure that they stay there. Have an eyelash glue on you or try to go for the individual lashes so in case you lose one or two it doesn’t affect your overall look.

23. Wedding invitation set for your photographer.

If you want your invitations to be a part of your wedding photography you need to make sure that you bring them to your getting-ready location. That includes all the elements – an envelope with a fake name and a fake address on it done in calligraphy. Make sure the copy is clean and undamaged.

24. Have a point person.

A person like this is would be someone who can make decisions on your behalf. That could a friend, a coordinator or a wedding planner. That person would be in charge of answering questions when you’re in the middle of activities. A point person will have all contact information for all of your wedding vendors. This person knows your timeline and knows where all of your stuff is. In general your point person should handle all of the chaos behind the scenes so you can enjoy your wedding day.

25. Pause, breathe and observe.

This is your wedding day. This is the only day that you’re going to have like this, so take a moment at the back of the aisle before you walk down. Look at all the guests there. During the dinner stop eating for just a second even though it’s very important that you eat and look around at all of the wonderful loving people that have surrounded you. Remember to take the time to slow down and remember this amazing day.


That’s it guys. That’s all we have for today. I hope you found this list helpful I hope it will help you to remember to not forget on your wedding day. Until next time 🙂

25 Most Commonly FORGOTTEN Wedding Details.