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Toronto Wedding Photography Blog5 Quick Tips To Kick-Ass Engagement Pictures5 QUICK TIPS TO KICK-ASS ENGAGEMENT PICTURES

Our 5 Quick Tips To Kick-Ass Engagement Pictures

The Doctors House Wedding Toronto PictureHey everyone Mario here from Avangard Photography. Today we have a quick article how to rock out your engagement session. Since our engagement season is almost here, it’s time to share some of the best tips how to prepare for your photoshoot.

5 Quick Tips To Kick-Ass Engagement Pictures

An engagement session is a great opportunity to get to know your amazing wedding photographer (hopefully that would be us), have lots of fun with you partner and gain some practice before your wedding. We know the thought of being in front of the professional camera, especially for some guys, can be intimidating and almost scary but honestly there is nothing to be nervous about 🙂

Here are our best 5 tips that we’ve learned over the years of shooting engagement pictures around Toronto.


1. Pick A Location That Reflects YOU!

This is the most important element to have a successful engagement photoshoot. We always ask our wedding couples to recommend their favorite place or places to us. We want a location the represents you as a couple or has a special meaning to you.

The perfect engagement location is a place that not only inspires you, but makes you feel at ease and relaxed. Our job as professional photographers is to capture your personalities and your connection to each other, and having a location that reflects you as a couple is the best way to a kick-ass engagement photoshoot.

5 Quick Tips To Kick-Ass Engagement Pictures

Consider going on a remote hike, visiting your favorite restaurant, where you had your fist date or do something different. Be bold and adventurous! We believe no location is off limits.

For our introverted clients we suggest an indoor “lifestyle” type photoshoot at their places, where they feel most comfortable and relaxed.

If you don’t have any ideas ask your wedding photographer for some photography location suggestions. Our studio has been shooting in and around Toronto for over 10 years and we know many great locations.


2. Select Comfortable Outfits

What should we were? This question comes up before very engagement photoshoot. So our number one advise is to wear comfortable stuff that makes you feel amazing. What you wear influences how you feel and it will come across in all engagement photos.

The key here is to feel  great inside and look amazing outside. You want something that makes you feel confident and brings out your personalities.

5 Quick Tips To Kick-Ass Engagement Pictures

If you decide to get a new dress or shoes make sure you try them on before the phtooshoot day. You want to make sure you feel comfortable to walk around and there aren’t any malfunctions.

You should also coordinate your wardrobe with your partner. Make sure your look complement each other.


3.  Bring Props to the Photoshoot

We always suggest to bring some kind of props to your engagement photoshoot. Personal props enhance visual story of your engagement photoshoot and introduce elements of playfulness.

Having fun with props will allow you to relax and be spontaneous in front of the camera. There is no better time to capture candid moments and genuine emotions when you play together with your partner.


Here are some ideas for you. You can bring a picnic basket with champagne and toasting glasses, colorful balloons, a chalk  board to write messages, sparklers or paint grenades.

You can bring your most precious toys such as cool bikes or a vintage car. You can also bring your furry friends and have some great fun time with them in from of cameras.

 5 quick tips to kick-ass engagement pictures

4. Let Go And Be Creative

The main goal of an engagement photoshoot is to capture the connection between the two of you as a loving couple. We want to make it as natural and spontaneous as possible.  As candid photographers we always look for authenticity – there is nothing more beautiful than sincere laughter or a loving touch.

During a photoshoot we encourage our clients to let go and be as silly with each other as they can be. Don’t be afraid to try different ideas. Have fun and let you personalities shine through. And when in doubt just hug and kiss 🙂

5 Quick Tips To Kick-Ass Engagement Pictures

5. Get Professional Hair And Makeup

We strongly believe that professionally done makeup enhances photographs – it just works. We recommend to have your makeup done by a professional makeup artist. They have a lot of experience with the right look for cameras and work super fast.

We also recommend doing your wedding makeup trial on the same day as you’re shooting your engagement photos. You get a chance to experiment with the look you’re going for and you can find out how it turns out in your pictures.

5 Quick Tips To Kick-Ass Engagement Pictures

Please remember that doing makeup that will be photographed is different from you casual looking makeup. In case of wedding or engagement photography more is better. You don’t want to look  washed out. We recommend extra color to your lips and more blush then you might be used to.

I hope you liked our 5 quick tips to kick-ass engagement pictures. I’ve personally shoot over 300 engagement sessions and from my experience these key elements play the biggest role in having an amazing engagement photoshoot.


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